Restaurant MenuFor cheap snacks out, check Brasserie cafes offering salads, ordinary beef steaks and frankfurters with French fries. A duty dish or day menu is usually written with chalk on a showcase or sidewalk board. A fixed meal costs €7.50+ (apart from coffee). Tap water on the table is free, unlike mineral water or wine. Draught wine is much cheaper than bottled one of the same quality.

The cheapest Paris restaurants are Chinese. Their fried noodles with veggies and chicken cost €5-6, a full lunch (big portions) - up to €6.

Restaurant MenuWidespread is Arab cuisine like a Tunissian dish brik a l'oeuf (baked dough with egg inside), merguez (spicy Algerian sausage), Greek suvlakia (shish kebab) and Middle Eastern falafel (fried peas with salad).

A typical French lunch is filled pancakes (crepes for €3-4). There're lots of pizzerias slighly cheaper than creperies, though their pizza quality and size vary from place to place.

Tips are always included into bills. You can round the fare up (for example, from €19 to 20) for pleasant service.


Entering any store or cafe, you should greet its owner (Bonjour Madame/Monsieur) and part on leaving (Merci Madame/Monsieur).


In all French city districts you'll find:

  1. Fast foods - McDonald's, Quick
  2. Standart restaurants - Hippopotamus (meat dishes), Leon (mussel with French fries), Clement and Bistro Romain (meat and fish dishes)
  3. Sandwich snackbars - Pomme de Pain, Paul, Brioche Doree.

Self-service meals

For self-service meals, use supermarkets and local street markets with various foods and take-away dishes (a emporter). There you can buy grilled chicken (€9) or fried fish by the weight. Wine stores sell good smoked foods and cheeses usually served with black bread (pain de campagne). A nearest Arab store will do for a couple of wine bottles.