By Subway (Metro)

Paris Metro Map
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Working Hours

The Paris subway is open from 5.30 till 0.30 (or 2.15 am on Fridays and Saturdays). On weekends there're much fewer trains on with movement intervals 3-4 times longer. To calculate road time, take station-to-station time for 2 minutes plus 5 minutes for each transfer.

Subway Entry

Street subway descents feature round banners with M down which you can buy tickets at a cash desk. Street lean-tos with downstairs but without M lead to the subway too but without ticket offices. So for tickets and passes look for a similar M entry nearby.

Turnstile Passage

To enter the subway, lean a noncontact pass up the stand or insert a contact pass/ticket in a slot in the stand's front, take it back from the upper slot and then pass the turnstile hatch. If a turnstile doesn't let you in somehow, apply to a cash desk with your ticket - a cashier has a special button under the desk.

Each line has its № and code color on the subway scheme and RER. Its name consists of 2 terminal names. Please remember 4 French words: Ligne (line), Direction, Correspondance (transfer) and Sortie (exit). Station lobbies usually have banners with the quarter's plan (Plan du quartier) where your location is denoted by an oval with Vous etes ici.