By Taxi in Paris

In Paris taxi is available right along streets (at least 50 m off stops) or at special parkings at all main crossroads, terminals and airports. The stops feature a blue board with Taxis in white where you must take the 1st awaiting car. The white lamp on taxi top means vacant, orange sublight busy. When ordered by phone, the taxi meter turns on from where it is called - so the total fare can become frustrating.

All companies use the same tariff system with Sunday and holiday rides more expensive. There're 3 main tariffs:

  • A (daytime) - 7 am - 7 pm
  • B (night) - 7 pm - 7 am
  • C (special) - in suburbs at night and in Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne suburbs in daytime, if the taxi has no client back.

You'll have to pay extra €7-15 to get inside town and more when in a traffic jam - road time (not its distance) defines the fare. Surcharges are also for meeting at the terminal, baggage above 5 kg, a 4th passenger (a driver may deny over 3 passengers) and animals (except seeing-eye dogs). Tips are usually 10% of the total sum.

Ask the driver for a check in case you'll lose anything in the car or have problems with him. Direct any complaints about Paris taxi to the police Taxi Service.