Ile-de-France: Passes for tourists


A 1-day pass for zones 1 and 2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5 (except airport services). A coupon (can be bought in advance) is inserted in the pass with your name (no photo). Write an activation date and the pass № on it.

1 - 27.50
1 - 310.00
1 - 412.40
1 - 517.80

Navigo Decouverte

A noncontact pass for unlimited Paris public transport use, available in 2 types - weekly and monthly for different zones from 1-2 to 1-5. It's strictly personal with an attached photo. You'd better take one from home than use subway automatic photo studios with unpredictable results.

Lean it to a special spot on subway turnstiles or special terminals in buses. Unlike Navigo for only Paris residents or workers, Navigo Decouverte is available to anyone.

Weekly Pass (Tarifs Semaine). Valid Monday through Sunday and available till Wednesday for the current week and since Friday for the next week.

Monthly Pass (Tarifs Mois). Valid for 1 calendar month and available till the 19th for the current month and since the 20th for the next month.

ZonesWeekly Pass (Euro)Monthly Pass (Euro)

(Fares apply from September 22, 2017)