Urban Transport in France

The major intercity transport is railroad with scarce bus lines especially from Paris. The railroad there falls into:



Express subway stretching around 80 km outside Paris. In Paris it uses subway lines, outside - SNCF land lines.

Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer (SNCF)

Suburban trains from major terminals with free schedule brochures.
Website: www.snfc.fr

Grande Ligne

Comfortable distant trains with fewer stops than SNCF and carriages divided in 1st- and 2nd- class sections.


Express trains almost without stops covering hundreds of kilometers for several hours - for example, Paris-Lyon (462 km) for 1.55 hours (€76.30 one way). They also connect Paris with Roissy Charles De Gaulle, Massy, Disneyland Paris.

Ordinary distant trains

Domestic Flights

France has 185 airports and hundreds of outgoing flights daily. The Air France national company connects all inner cities for about 1 hour. The towns are bound by other carriers.